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  • When I say this dentist office has killed all fears in me in the dental world. This has been one of the most pleasant experiences I have had with a dental office. Dr. Fry and her dental assistant Jordan made me feel very comfortable and welcomed as well as the rest of the office team. Dr. Fry was very professional and her work is superb. I’ve heard horror stories about root canals but Dr. Fry did such a wonderful job it was painless. My very first root canal and it was a great experience so thank u all at the office for a wonderful experience, good laughs, and a comfortable environment. U deserve a million stars.

    – Ashley D.

  • I can’t recommend Dr. Fry enough! I came to her after a negative experience at a different endodontist (which left me with some anxiety surrounding the procedure), and she was more patient and comforting than I could have hoped for. She performed a quick, painless root canal, and she and her staff were nothing but friendly & professional throughout the whole process. Obviously you hope to not need dental work, but if it were to happen again I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    – Annie J.

  • Dr. Fry and her team hands-down has provided me with the best and least painful dental experience I’ve ever had. I went in for a root canal re-treatment last year (after putting it off and dreading it for a year) and was expecting to be in pain for a week or so after. As soon as the numbness wore off, after the procedure, there was absolutely no pain at all! She (and her team) went above and beyond to make me as comfortable as possible and explained everything along the way. Not to mention she didn’t charge me for a follow up x-ray and checkup.

    – Joseph A.

  • I would have never thought I would use the word root canal and wonderful experience in the same sentence until I found Vinings Endodontics!

    The thought of having our first root canal is something most of us dread; however, I found two of the most amazing people at Vinings Endo. I suffer from major anxiety and had put off my root canal for over a year because I don’t trust anyone. I happened to come across Vinings Endo online and after my consultation I immediately knew this was the place for me.

    Dr. Fry and her assistant Jordan are two of the most caring, professional and gentle people you will meet. The office is beautiful and calming and they even offered me a blanket when I got a little chilly too. I would call the office the “Root Canal Spa” of Vinings. 🙂

    The procedure was super easy, pain free and nothing like the horror stories you hear about when you first receive the news a root canal is in your future.

    I promise you will NOT regret having your procedure done at Vinings Endo. I’m a VERY tough person to please and give both of these ladies an A++++++.

    Thank you Dr. Fry and Jordan for all your kindness and not just treating me like a patient, but also like a friend too!

    – Jennifer F.

  • Best Endodontics ever! Nowadays, you don’t know what to expect despite good reviews but Dr. Fry is the real deal! I don’t trust anyone else after seeing her. A toothache that’s been bothering me for 1 YEAR and having to visit 2 other endodontics, they told me nothing was wrong with my tooth the one that I told them I thought was hurting me. Clearly if it’s causing pain, there lies a problem. This was even after they performed x rays. After seeing Dr. Fry, she didn’t take my word on which tooth I thought was bothering me. Instead, she tested to see which one it was, and turns out it was a different tooth than I expected, one that was close to the one I assumed. But that is a part of being a good doctor, evaluation. I’m only the patient. Amazing that I went in pain for this long and the other doctors I saw didn’t even come close to checking any nearby teeth that was causing the issue. I ended up getting a root canal on that tooth and the pain is all gone on that side. I don’t forget good doctors or good people and Dr. Fry is definitely both. She will listen and she cares about resolution. I love you Dr. Fry! I’m forever thankful to have found you!

    – Amber R.

  • Absolutely fantastic experience – I came to Dr. Fry for a second opinion and she was very detailed in her explanation of what was going on with my tooth and was willing to answer any and every question I asked. She asked what I was already told/what I already know and then explained the problem in further detail so that I was comfortable with the next steps. The entire office staff and all of the assistants were also very pleasant and welcoming. I can’t say enough good things about this experience… They aren’t in my dental insurance network but I would pay the out of network prices for the outstanding care that was provided over the subpar experience I had at a different in-network endodontics. Seriously, the best care I’ve ever received from anyone in the medical field.

    – Shannon F.

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